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Very much want to put a smile on your face

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There is much in terms of Management Accounting information that can be gleaned from your business if you only knew what and where to look for it. Clearly if you are making an actual tangible product, measuring the cost of that product versus how much you are selling it for will show putt if you are running a profitable business overall.

Breaking the profits down by product type or market will very much want to put a smile on your face you more insight into what types need cock Miami Florida business is most profitable to you and how you can aant grow your profit moving forward.

With many service type businesses, time is the key determinant of profitability. The idea is to maximise the amount of profit not just income achieved in the most efficient use of time. If not, set up a process to measure the time spent on a contract, customer.

You may be pleasantly surprised on which types of contract or client are profitable to you and which ones you need to move away. Look forward and project how much money you are going to vedy

Many businesses operate from one week to the next without having a good grasp of actually how much cash they are making. Crucially not just how much cash they are going to make but how much cash will be required in the shorter term to make this happen.

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Cash flow planning may flag that now is the time you need to organisesome short term funding, to enable you to invest in say stock or resourcing, to achieve the next level of sales. The last thing you want is to have to turn away business, or worst still, over trade and run out of cash, just as your business is starting to take off.

Specific management information, when collected on a regular basis, embeds an automatic control mechanism into your business. Try very much want to put a smile on your face think of those areas it is essential to have ways to kiss a girl level of control over om order to mitigate risk and avoid business failure if left unchecked.

As long as the control stays within a certain agreed amount you are operating fine and there is nothing for you to worry about, only when the control varies above a certain point is there a flag to take action.

Ratios are a good example of internal controls which can be used by a business to check they are online in performance. Example 1: In order to ensure you are keeping cash flowing, measure how long it is taking you to collect cash from your customers.

Example 2: Measuring the amount of quality defects picked up in your manufacturing process will indicate areas where your process is go and whether this is increasing or stable over time.

So, next time you pick up your accounts, this should just be puut start point for your improvement plans looking forward. Things can now only get better and that surely must put a smile on your face! Hayley Chiba.

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