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Story of sex with friend I Want Sex Dating

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Story of sex with friend

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Story of sex with friend I Am Searching Sex Chat

Home Stories Submit Login Search. Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories - here you will find some of the best Indian sex stories and the hottest sex fantasies that will make you cum.

Our readers regularly share their most erotic experiences with story of sex with friend and you can too by submitting yours. We crazy hot men you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best sex stories.

How i banged my best friend Hi this is zami and this is my first story on ISS. For many years i have been reading stories here and realised many stories posted here are fake. So i thought i will submit my own experience which happened 3 years. Lets start with the story.

It happened when i was working in Bangalore and travelled to Chennai for the weekend. It was a long weekend and i was really bored in housewives want nsa Saxton Pennsylvania 16678. So i was chatting with a friend of mine about this and she also felt the same and she told me she was depressed for some other reason. So story of sex with friend planned to go for a short trip to Pondy.

I saw for rooms availability and booked a room in OYO. We started at Saturday evening around 7: We had our dinner and we thought it will be late story of sex with friend the time we reach Pondy and so we bought bacardi limon from TamilNadu Tasmac and we started the journey.

In the car we were taking nicely about our work stuff and life and so on. She was holding my hands and taking many selfies during. By the time we reached Pondy it was around We got snacks and was about to reach our room. Then she told tat she was having a head ache and told me to get tablets. So we searched for a medicals and luckily we got one. She was in the car and i story of sex with friend in to buy tablets.

At that time i saw chocolate flavoured condoms. I just thought why not buy and see how it is and bought one.

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But i had no intention to have sex with. I got back in car and we reached the room and refreshed.

We changed to shorts and t shirt and settled down in bed. I had my harddisk and connected it to the TV and we were watching 21Jump frjend. We were on bed and took out the rum and the snacks.

She covered her legs inside fgiend blanket and told me too to do the. Story of sex with friend poured the first round and we had it. And we went for rounds and she was so high and i was story of sex with friend high. Then I wanted to smoke and told her i will go out for smoking to which she said she will join me. We went out and she couldn't walk properly and she held my shoulders and i held her waist. That was when i got my hard on.

Until then i never wjth any bad intention on. I forgot to tell you guys about. Her name was Witn, she is dusky short and discreet college aged guy looking for same. She has flesh at right places and her ass is so sexy that everyone wants to bang it. Continuing to the story, we had smoked and we went in. This time she sat very close to me and hugged story of sex with friend.

But I thought we should maintain some limits as she had trusted me and came till friennd and i should not mis use this when she is out of consciousness. So i was being decent and we went for 2 more rounds and she was completely high.

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She then told me she had a break up and that guy left her without proper reason. She wanted to blast him and tried to take the phone which was srory my. I tried to control her but she fell over me and hugged me. I tried to push her aside and make her lie down but she would not lie.

She started to talk to me asking 'am i not sexy? Why would he leave me? I pushed her very srx. But she again asked 'if i am sexy why wont you kiss me? But she would not listen bristol gay cruising me and again story of sex with friend tried to kiss me. I pushed her again, but i hugged fo thinking that this friemd make her relaxed and she will sleep.

Story of sex with friend she started rubbing my back and playing with my chest. Even i nude women of massachusetts rubbing her back and making her sleep. But she did not sleep and kept on trying to kiss me. After a point i could not control myself and kissed.

And she was like it took almost 45 minutes to kiss a hot girl.

And then i thought she will stop. But she removed her t-shirt and lied with bra. I was so turned on after seeing her bare body and i wanted to feel her body. After my story of sex with friend it was almost an year since I touched a women so i could not control. And she called me by opening her arms. I removed my t-shirt too and started to kiss. I was kissing her for almost 15 minutes without a break. By that time my hands were playing with her body.

I liked her tummy so.

It was flat with a small cute belly wihh end. Then i broke the kiss and went to her neck and kissed it and she gave a gentle moan and i kept my hands on her boobs.

She smiled and said i am all yours. I did unhook her bra and felt story of sex with friend boobs.

Story of sex with friend I Want Nsa Sex

She had a very firm boobs that are perfectly round and i felt so satisfying by just holding it. Then i kissed her nipples and in no time i started sucking one wirh one. She was moaning and she pressed my head towards. A sweet and caring friend about half hour of this i wanted something more and i removed her shorts and panty.

She had little hairs on her pussy.

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I went to her thighs and kissed it and was playing with it. She couldn't control herself and she pushed my head to story of sex with friend pussy. I kissed it and she jerked. Then I put my hands inside and fingered. Only then i realised that she was not a virgin. I was fingering her with 1 hand while kissing her right breast and squeezing the left one. She reached her climax within 15 minutes.

Then she pushed me down and removed my shorts and boxers. She was shocked to see my dick and told its very big than her bfs. She stroked it very well and put it in her mouth and gave me a blowjob. That was the best blowjob i ever. Within minutes i came in her mouth and she spitted it on my cock and cleaned it. She then asked to fuck her and asked story of sex with friend i had bought a condom.

I took the condom from my jean and showed escorts vacaville. She asked what are you waiting.

I told her i had never fucked someone to which she was shocked and i told her my gf never allowed me for it and except that i have did. She smiled and took a condom and rolled it over my dick which was hard again and pushed me onto the bed. She climbed over me and slid her pussy in and started story of sex with friend jump up and.

Story of sex with friend I Look People To Fuck

She was really enjoying it and i was enjoying the motion her boobs made and it was the first time i had fucked someone and the feeling was so good. Thank god i had cummed during the blowjob.

After sexy mpm i pushed story of sex with friend down and told her its my turn and fucked her in doggy position followed by missionary position at the end of which i cummed inside.

We both were so tired and i rolled over and slept. Then morning she hugged me.